Sunday, 4 November 2012

Week's 4 and 5

Sorry for the lack of update folks; been a busy couple of weeks. Unfortunately the running has not been going as well as I'd have like it to, but hey-ho...

The last couple of weeks have been fun though; a trip to London, gig in Nottingham, cake baking, an evening at the Amex and a hell of a lot of fast food. I definitely feel the need to get back into the exercise regime.

Oh and a tattoo!

I have discovered that I have a talent for baking. CHECK THESE OUT

Then we took a road trip to Nottingham. Caroline had never had a Burger King before so bought 2...

And then we saw Clock Opera in the evening; they were so SO GOOD

And to finish it off Lokamotiv Simmonds managed their first clean sheet of the season with a stunning 0-0 draw with Ramsey, so we went for celebratory drinks to discuss next week and cage-fighting chickens.

With regards to the running (and purpose of this blog), I am going out this afternoon for a run, I will update you AVID readers when I am back...

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