Monday, 5 November 2012

Sunday 4th November (Week 5)

Evening all. Running this afternoon was tough as expected. The copious amounts of fast food that has passed my lips in the last 2 weeks has undoubtedly had an effect to the rate at which I am running. This run did however give me a chance to test out the new gear!

Yesterday I decided that it was about time to buy some ACTUAL running shoes...

And here they are, say hello to my Brooks Ghost 5 Trainers (they even sound cool)

They were a bit pricey though and wangled a deal with my running partner in order to accept them as an early Christmas present. Tidy.

Next item of the new gear, a new baselayer. With the evenings getting darker (well daylight being non-existent), I have purchased a fluorescent one. Nike n all.

Yeah. I do look good in it.

And a fluorescent hat...

And finally, an armstrap for my phone. This has now become an essential item as I cannot hear my breathing and can listen to some music to take my mind off of the running:

I got very excited about wearing all my new bits and a little hesitant about actually going running. I did eventually manage to force myself outside in the cold and it resulted in a shattering 4 mile run. Not bad I suppose considering my lack of effort over the last two weeks. 

Felt a bit like this though:

Need to up ma game from now on. This week will hopefully bring a couple more runs, maybe I'll try a different route, in a different place...

And here's my route for those that care!

Route for Sunday Week 5: 4.14 miles, 35 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: Maybe under 6 hours!

On another note, I am currently selling a couple of bits on eBay. If anybody would like to purchase/bid on any of the items below, I (and Larry) would be eternally grateful!

Thanking you in advance...

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