Monday, 26 November 2012

Week's 8 and 9


I'd like to apologise profusely for the lack of 'action' on the blog. It's been partly due to the laziness of myself and the other part due to my extremely busy schedule. This weekend I had a very important meeting with a Christmas market in Nottingham and last week I was just plain old lackadaisical...

The weekend was fun though; sorted all Christmas presents bar one.., ate lots of tasty food, got a little tiddly after half a bottle of wine, half watched a film, ate lots of sweets, had 3 poo's, went to the cinema, almost bought another onesie, ate horrible risotto then good cheesecake, and drove around 400 miles. 

I also got to see this lovely site, and then again in about 30 freeze frame slowmo photo's on my phone...

I was also shown round an exhibition at Nottingham contemporary which was pretty cool. It was full of lots of sequinned flags and paintings from Haiti about voodoo and the history of Haiti. This was one of the coolest pieces:

And there was a sculpture that represented a man giving birth. SCARY SHIT.

But anyway, I know why you guys followed the link, you all want to know how I'm doing right?!


I ran once last week, on Wednesday - a big one. It hurt quite a lot actually; fortunately no pant problems then though. Here is my route:

Route for Wednesday Week 8: 8.07 miles, 75 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: Maybe under 6 hours

So yeah, not bad eh. 

And then moving on to this week, I have been out tonight after 5 days of no exercise. I seem to have been smoking in my sleep or someone has been shrinking my lungs whilst I'm not looking... I CAN'T BREATHE AGAIN. Fuck. Maybe I just need to go out more often. But anyway, I managed 4 and a half so not all bad. But I MUST get myself out there more often this week (please stop raining and being cold). Here is my route anyway:

Route for Monday Week 9: 4.48 miles, 40 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: Probably somewhere around 6 hours

Oh and I forgot to mention, my pants were yet again the wrong choice (apparently). I'm not going to photograph these ones though I'm afraid as they are currently sweaty and disgusting...(unless I get any special requests). My "inner-thighs" feel like they've been scraped by sandpaper over and over. Think I need to buy more Vaseline. 

Well for now, that's all folks...

Actually, I have one more special feature for you guys this week as I found these lovely photo's:

Isn't she just beautiful?!

PEACE OUT CHUMS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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