Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday 17th October (Week 3)

I got a little worried yesterday... I had plan to run around 3 miles just to loosen the legs up but could barely do that. Breathing was all wrong, did not feel comfortable and had to retire after just 20 mins...

And worst of all, I got overtaken by an electric wheelchair...

But anyway, I decided that I needed to prove to myself that I am still up to this marathon task (ha) and today was the day to get back on schedule. I was still a little overwhelmed at how far I had managed to run on Monday of this week - smashing my 4 mile target.

The hardest bit today was getting out the house, with temperatures of 7 degrees outside (now it doesn't sound so cold... but it was!). Alas, today was the smoothest run yet. I feel great. Felt like I could have doubled my distance and very proud of myself!

This is me completing my run today...

Route for Wednesday Week 3: 5.36 miles, 50 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: Maybe under 6 hours!

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