Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday 15th October (Week 3)

After a shattering weekend of football including a trip to prison, the running must continue...

I took to the streets of Tunbridge Wells today in the hope of beating the 4 mile mark (and all of my previous efforts). However, struggling with injuries from the weekend, I was sore. Really sore. A whopping bruise on my thigh, did not help with the pressure of running.

The running was OK though! Got into it and tried a different route; really regret choosing to run UP Major York's Road to finish though. Finally starting to actually enjoy it now, just need to keep it up... 

I'm starting to think that it may be wise to purchase some ACTUAL running shoes now because as cool as I look in my pink and black astro's, they are starting to produce little blisters on my toes...

They'll do for now I'm sure.

Route for Monday Week 3: 4.99 miles, 45 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: 6 hours

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