Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday 9th October (Week 2)

So training week 1 was a bit of a disaster... 

With it being the same week as the release of Fifa '013, it became increasingly difficult to become motivated. I managed to scoop myself out of my slumber for one night only, forcing myself to at least go for a walk. This wasn't too unsuccessful as I managed to walk around 3 miles. What I didn't realise was that it actually feeling cold outside, does not mean wrap up like it's -10. With my t-shirt-sweatshirt-jacket-scarf-hat combination, I baked. I mean REALLY baked. It wasn't just the top half, wearing jeans is a bad move (some seriously unwanted constriction, where you do not want it)

Lesson 1: Don't wear too many clothes - it's warm when you move around!
Lesson 2: Jeans are constricting around certain areas.

So anyway, back to week 2...

According to the schedule, I should be running/walking for 20 minutes. I decided that this would be too easy for me as I play football twice a week and can't be THAT unfit...

I chose my outfit sensibly for running this time: a t-shirt (and baselayer), shorts and these baby's:

My aim was to have a 5 minute warm up walk and then run as long as I could, just to see how far I could go. Now having a style of football that's comparable to Andres Iniesta, I assume that I run about as much as him in one game. Google informs me that this is around 7 miles. 

This should be a piece of p***...


Absolutely loved the walking, got right into it - even managed a power walk for a couple of minutes. As soon as the running started, I was still ok. About 2 minutes in and I was flying; I felt like I was going to finish a double marathon in world record time at that point. How wrong was I?

After 15 minutes of running, I began to tire. And there was this "pain" between my legs...

Turns out I didn't choose ALL the right clothes for running, and that pant-choice is very important. 

If anyone has pants like these, do not even contemplate wearing them for running.

Lesson 3: Wear good pants. Frictions burns are sore down there.

My run soon changed back into a gentle stroll for a couple of minutes to let my legs "cool down". Nevertheless, I was up and running shortly after and managed another 20 minutes running home to complete day one of my mission. 

Glad that it was over though.

Route for Tuesday Week 2: 3.98 miles, 40 minutes. 
Estimated marathon completion time: 6 hours

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