Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday 9th January (Week 15)


No excuses I'm afraid, just poor effort all round and I sincerely apologise to all fans of the blog. I didn't even have a particularly busy Christmas or new year (although starting a new uni course has been a slight distraction) and you deserve better from me.

Unfortunately, it's not just the blog posts that have been lacking. My running schedule has slowed to an almost complete stop and I hate myself because of this. I only have 8 weeks now until my first real test - the Tunbridge Wells half marathon, and at this rate it is going to take some sort of miracle/trying much harder. On top of this, my general fitness through football has also been minimal due to terrible weather and Christmas; apart from the occasional six aside game.

Christmas was however a great giver of goodies (nice alliteration) for running. I got some Adidas leggings, Adidas breathable running socks and a Virgin London Marathon T-shirt - Cheers mother. They are somewhere in amongst all this stuff...

I have also been treated to my second year of having two Christmas', thanks to the McDougalls allowing me to leave with them again - they're just the best. And there was a new addition to the family in the form of a greedy kitten. But she's lovely...

...And actually acts like a baby when sleeping. Her name is Princess-Ham-of-Langton.

Christmas inevitably brought with it some amazing food too. I ate a LOT. And it was great. Didn't take it as far as Caroline though and cook 5 courses for herself. Jeeze...

I went for playing with my food instead:

Anyway, I know why you all follow my links and so I should probably give you updates on my efforts...


I have forced myself to go out twice in the last two days to get myself going again; and to be fair, it hasn't been too bad at all. Yesterday was far far easier than it should have been for a man who hasn't run for a couple of weeks; I think the leggings helped me, I'm so streamlined now...

Route for Tuesday Week 15: 4.72 miles, 50 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: Probably somewhere around 15 hours 2 minutes and 6 seconds

And again today, the effect of tight trousers had repeated itself. Another nice light jog, practically the same route, with no real problems apart from the cold air tightening my chest. No chaffing, as I'm sure you're all keen to know about. 

Route for Wednesday Week 15: 5.09 miles, 45 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: Probably somewhere around 5 hours 30 minutes

That's all for now though folks, fingers crossed I'll get my arse in gear and go again either tomorrow or Friday and another update over the weekend!

I'll leave you with my running song of the day and also a photo of the magnificent Amex from the view as I walk across uni. ALSO very importantly, we have our donations page up and running and all donations would be GREATLY appreciated!! 


Mille Bisous xxxx

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