Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday 3rd December (Week 10)

Playing football yesterday was a disaster - not in terms of exercise but in terms of pitch quality and inadequate refereeing. The pitch was so frozen that your studs couldn't get through, yet the ref seemed to think that it was "safe" (in his words). It was like playing on a mix of concrete and sheet ice and everytime you fell over/tried to make a tackle, the ground would cut up your legs. Despite the injuries obtained from yesterday, I man'd up and forced myself out this evening after a hard day at work. 

I went out today with no idea of where to go (again) or with any distance or time frame in mind. Started running though and soon I was running through the centre of Tunbridge Wells, when it occurred to me how many roads there are that I have no idea where they go. And that was it. My goal for the run was to explore. I felt good today and decided to take it slow and just listen to my music which was fun. This is where I'd like to introduce a new feature...

Running song of the week:

I would like you guys to help me come up with good running music for when I finally have to conquer this mission. Something bassy, dancy, cheesy, jazzy, anything that'll keep me smiling alert whilst I'm running!

But anyway, today was brilliant as I mentioned earlier. My breathing wasn't a problem, my legs weren't tired and most importantly it wasn't too cold or raining. 

I wore a much better choice of pants as I'm sure you were all dying to know; although I may invest in some 'actual' running pants in order to put an end to the chafing between my thighs. (After a quick googling, it appears that these are called compression shorts. If anyone has any experience in this subject, please contact me with some advice!)

I just kept running and running down roads I'd never seen before (until I got a little lost) and ended up breaking into double figures in mileage!

Today, I am proud to have run 10.34 miles (That's 16km!). Feel like I'm starting to get there now!

Here is my route if you care that much.

Route for Monday Week 10: 10.34 miles, 95 minutes.
Estimated Marathon Completion Time: Probably somewhere around 5 hours 42 minutes and 56 seconds

So yeah, pretty happy folks! Decided to celebrate with this beast:


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